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Nonton dan download film Mudik (2011) terbaru

Mudik (2011)

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 83 MenitDilihat: 1.086 views

Gunadi is feeling unfortunate, having been three years in the city and still unemployed. His father has asked him to come home this Lebaran (Eid); Lestari has been waiting for three years to get married. Her parents have agreed and don’t ask much for dowry, salat (Islamic prayer) equipment will be enough. Gunadi desperately searches for some money so that he can go home and get married.

The family of Iskandar, an official at the Public Facility Ministry, are also in a puzzle in the face of Lebaran homecoming. A public servant in the capital city, Iskandar is viewed as a successful man by the villagers of Wonosalam, Yogyakarta. Every year he holds an open-house, serving Arabian dates that he buys at Tanah Abang, Jakarta, and hands out salat equipment for the villagers.

Martono, Gunadi’s brother-in-law and room mate, is asked by his wife to come home too, and do the Ramadan fasting there. But he turns her down, preferring fasting in the city since there are many fortunes not to be missed. Martono’s wife is pregnant and almost due, the money that he earns should be useful to cover the expenses.

Kuncoro and Yustina face a different problem concerning their homecoming. For eight years Kuncoro always takes his family to come home to Central Java. Yustina has never experienced even one homecoming at her hometown, Bukittinggi. Their two children have never been bowed before and kissed their grandparents’ hands.

Gunadi sees a silver lining as he gets a job as a driver for Iskandar’s house. There’s a problem though: Wulan, having been used to contract marriages with Arabian men, is charmed by him. She sees a lof of good things in him who helps her when she’s cast out by her contract husband. Knowing that Gunadi will get married with Lestari, Wulan becomes sad and leaves. Iskandar thinks that Gunadi abuses his trust and uses the car to have a jaunt with Wulan. Gunadi is fired, with only two hundred thousand rupiahs as severance payment.

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Bahasa:Bahasa indonesia